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Morgan Cwmdu


Books 2 and 4 of the the five novels in the first generation of the Pendyffryn family saga

AD877 - "Some have called me evil.
Many covet all that is mine.
Some have even wished me dead.

"When we first met, Christophe Maides considered me his opportunity.
Less than a month passed before that gray, little field mouse had poisoned him.
I will have my revenge on Caryl Gernant; she will regret lifting her mangy little head.

"From his first sight of Cwmdu, Christophe Maides coveted the mountains.
Before long, he coveted me. What a pair we make. I have seduced men stronger,
but he dreams of more. One night of pleasure will not be enough to ensure SALVATION for my family.

"Such a man seeks more from a woman than ever that Gernant mouse can give.
He will tire of her once he has discovered the secret of her seduction.
Maides is many times more wicked, more brutal than she can imagine.

"He has few friends to support him and more enemies than he can ever defeat.
If Christophe Maides embarks on this course to take what is mine, I will ensure his end.
The REVIVAL of my ancient family and my hand on the chieftain's tarian is all to me.

"I have the strength of my brothers' loathing to support me.
I will see my daughters wed to powerful men who will do my bidding.
Nothing, not even this diawl of a man, as desireable as he is, can stop me."

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