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Heledd Bannawg

Prisoner of war and bondservant. Beautiful and arrogant.

Book 1 of The Tywi saga set in 10th Century Wales during the reign of Hywel Dda

AD927 - "I am the orphaned daughter of a man who betrayed his brother.
I serve in the house of my uncle, the man betrayed, to pay for my father's crime."

"My cousin, Alys, is destined to marry well.
I hear she will marry the son of the man who slaughtered my family.
No man in my uncle's employ will have me.

"Everyday, more soldiers join my uncle's army.
I despise them all. Even among those who have known me since childhood,
there are none I can trust. Who among them defended my mother?

"Who among them lifted a sword to protect my brothers?
Which of these men prevented the desecration of my sisters?
Who of my uncle's warriors took part in the butchery that left me the sole survivor?

"And now, this arrogant soldier from the north believes he can assault me.
He follows me, stares at me, speaks to me as if we can be friends.
I am a TRAITOR'S DAUGHTER and that gives him right to think he is my equal.

"He pretends to respect me and asks my uncle to grant him my attendance.
I will resist. As much as my uncle wishes to be rid of me, I will not submit.
Nothing, not even this violent monster, as handsome and kind as he pretends to be, will break me."

"I am the grandson of Meilor Gwesyn.
My name is Gwesyn Gwern.
My father is Gwern Meilor, son of the
man who killed Heledd's family.
My mother is Heledd's cousin.
From the moment I witnessed my parents'
crime against Anwen Garmon,
I have questioned my heritage.


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