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Pendyffryn: The Inheritors  Justice, Book 1

DeFreveille, the Conqueror, is conquered. His children have the home he sought and war goes on. Now, it is time for his second son, Marshal mab Ieuan, to find his own way in the country of his heart. But to lose his heart here cannot be part of his plan.

Pendyffryn: The Inheritors: Justice. Hard won. Easily lost.

To prepare his daughter, Tanglwys, for a future without his protection, Meinor Hedydd contracts with Gwennan Pendyffryn to take her as an apprentice in the Conqueror’s Gaer household to learn skills that will be of use to others and a source of income for her. The presence of another dependent fostered child affects Gwennan’s stepson, Marshal deFreveille, in a way that is not entirely unwelcome as he begins his own training to become a soldier in his father’s army.

From the beginning of their acquaintance, Tanglwys and Marshal face hatred and intolerance. A fateful encounter at the river sparks more than his protective inclination toward her but, when Marshal punishes her brother and his friends for tormenting Tanglwys, their budding friendship falters.

A stranger still, and hated for his valor and skill, Marshal faces the first of his most difficult challenges when he falls in love with his sworn enemy’s sister.

Her brother’s resentment and loathing for the Conqueror’s son are fierce. His violence toward Tanglwys for causing the incident at the river leads to his demotion to the lowest ranks of soldiery. In fear of her brother and to appease her mother’s hatred, Tanglwys denies her growing admiration for the Conqueror’s son until their false allegations threaten to destroy him.

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