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Ychydig o Hanes Cymru / A Little Welsh History
Ychydig o Gymraeg a Diwylliant Cymreig / A Little Welsh Language & Culture
Llawer o Ramant y Cymry / A Lot of Welsh Romance

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Pendyffryn: The Inheritors  Worth, Book III

Susanna ach Alun Cwmdu, daughter of the pendefig killed by the invaders and adopted daughter of Christophe Maides—one of the invading army who came to conqueror and stayed to defend—has always been aware of her worth to the men who govern her life.

​​​​​​​Though plain and disinclined to the skills of the household, her value—even to  her brother, Heilyn, who will become pendefig once Maides has defeated the boy’s enemies—is indisputable among the men who seek an alliance with her mother’s second husband.  Only a man who loves her and is able to protect her is worthy of her in Christophe’s estimation. Is Cynon Machlud, beleaguered pendefig from the north, that man?

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Y Cyfresi / The Series

Y Tywi

The first novel in this series, Traitor’s Daughter, was published in May 2011. A second novel in the series, Vengeance’s Son, is planned for the Fall of 2020.


Following the publication of Traitor’s Daughter, I published five novels in the Pendyffryn: The Conquerors series, chronicling the invasion of Cymru by mercenaries from the continent of Europe around 870AD. Though fictitious, the opening series mirrors events some 250 years prior when the Teutonic Anglo-Saxons invaded the eastern coast  of Britain, part of the Welsh-speaking, Celtic country now known as the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Mann. Pendyffryn is also a precursor to the Norman Invasion, beginning 200 years later in 1066.

The final novel in The Conquerors series, Reconciliation, is partially set in the Mideastern Christian country of Armenia, in the 9th Century, and is the love story of the mercenary, Gilles de Maides, and Rizah, a captured Armenian girl, Christophe Maides’s parents.

The second part of the series, Pendyffryn: The Inheritors, begins with Justice. Merit, the second in the series, is planned for the Spring of 2020.

Dyffryn Tywi

This is a new series that features novels set along the Tywi River, which takes inspiration from the valley that was the birthplace of some of Cymru’s best known heroes. Although all of my novels and characters are fictional, the spirit of the stories and their characters are born of my love of this small country, its phenomenal people whose impact on the history of the world has been disproportionally tremendous, and the beauty of its rivers, valleys and mountains.


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