Traitor’s Daughter will soon be available in print at Barnes&Noble as well as other online retailers. Traitor’s Daughter is available as an ebook at major online book retailers: Smashwords, on the iBookstore, KOBO and other major online booksellers.

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Her honor or her life, her life or her love… His choice.

Heledd Bannawg is a prisoner of war, hostage to ensure the good behavior of her father’s friends, bondservant sold to a warrior. Bruises, blisters, aching muscles are small prices to pay to avoid the nightmare of life as a warrior’s whore.



“…But they are not Heledd Bannawg, ‘ngwraig,” he finished in a low voice.
She gasped at the realization of his meaning. “I am not your woman.” Her chin lifted. “They are whores.”
“Do you think you are better?”
“I have not …” She knew as well as he that there was no substance to her claim. She was what people believed her to be – because of him. “I am not. I will never be, no matter what you do to me.”
“Some women are tricked. Some are forced. Some, like you, are willing.”
“I am not. How can you think I am willing?”
“To know love?”
“That is not love.”
“You will know love, Heledd Bannawg. You will know what it is to tempt a man beyond endurance. And you will know the depth of his love.”
He was laughing at her and every word lashed across her hard-worked, aching back that even the warmth of his hand could not ease. And she was leaning into his embrace, absorbing his scent into her body as though she couldn’t breathe without him.
“As often as I remember your soft hands and the silk of your sun-kissed skin, as much as I dream of your delicate body yielding to mine—.”

Traitor's Daughter - Lily Dewaruile

Pendyffryn: The Conquerors: Invasion will be available in print soon on Barnes & Noble.

On the battlefield, Gwennan Pendyffryn meets the only man her father won’t dare kick down the stairs. Her attempt to kill him fails. Her attempt to defeat him fails. There is only one way she can conquer Jehan-Emíl – marry him. Available at Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstore, KOBO and major online booksellers.

“You will know the man…”

One woman stands against the INVASION of her home. One man holds her life in his hands. And… “he was not a man who needed a lot of women. He was a man who needed a lot of one woman. This woman.”

Invasion has undergone a few transformations since I began work on the romance, a few years after my first encounter with Cymru (Wales). I so fell in love with the country that I began to write before I knew much of the history between the Cymry and the Saeson.

Invasion is a work of the imagination, in spirit with the forces and passions that existed in the early years of co-existence between the invaders and the Celtic people who had made Briton their home.


Salvation, Book 2: Pendyffryn: The Conquerors
Best Seller Book Award: OmniLit and All Romance Ebooks
Christophe Maides has one ambition: to own the mountains of Cwmdu, despite the opposition of Morgan Cwmdu, the Temptress who threatens not only his plans but the life of the true pennaeth of the ystad. The price he must pay will not guarantee success – more than likely he will lose, but Caryl Gernant and her children are worth the risk.

Available at Smashwords, on the iBookstore, KOBO, Barnes & Noble and other major online booksellers.

Published: January 2013

Pendyffryn: The Conquerors: Betrayal
Bestseller Book Award, All Romance eBooks The best of men…the most treacherous of lovers. Book Three of this series returns to Gwennan and the invader who captured her heart.
Now known only by the name she gave him, Ieuan Emyr must find a way to survive and keep his wife’s love. Neither will be without complications while his former employer threatens to take all Ieuan has fought to gain for his children.

Available at Smashwords, on the iBookstore, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, and many major online booksellers.

Published: March 17, 2013

Pendyffryn: The Conquerors: Revival
The fourth book in the Conquerors series. Hate drives Caryl from her home and her husband. Love drives Christophe to the threshold of death. Beset by enemies in her family, Caryl escapes to Pendyffryn but when her husband is wounded in battle and near death, she braves the vendetta against her to save Christophe’s life, against his will. Recovered from his wounds, Christophe sends a trusted warrior to safeguard his wife. But her most dangerous adversary, Morgan Cwmdu, has already found the perfect method to torment Maides’s cherished wife.

Available at Smashwords, on the iBookstore, KOBO, Amazon and major online booksellers.

Published: May 2013

Pendyffryn: The Conquerors: Reconciliation
Bestseller Book Award, All Romance eBooks
There are few men to match Christophe Maides. His wife discovers another, so like him, she believes the stranger’s claim that he is Christophe’s younger brother. No one else could have those ice-blue eyes or the skill to appear without sound or disappear without warning. The tale he relates to her belies everthing she knows of Christophe’s past. Though her husband rejects the claim, the more Caryl hears of the lives of Gilles de Maides and his beloved slave, Rizah, the more certain she is that her husband will benefit from the story.Available at Smashwords, as well as on the iBookstore, KOBO, and major online booksellers.

Published: January 2014

Pendyffryn: The Inheritors: Justice
The books in this series are Works in Progress that interweave the lives of the children of Jehan-Emíl deFreveille and Christophe Maides – men who came to conquer and stayed to build. The first book in this series, Justice, tells the story of Marshal deFreveille and Tanglwys, the girl Gwennan brings into the Pendyffryn household to help with her many small children. Tanglwystl’s presence has an unaccountable effect on Gwennan’s stepson, not entirely unwelcome as he begins his training to become a soldier.

Published: October 2016.

Pendyffryn: The Inheritors: Merit: Paperback published 2021

Pendyffryn: The Inheritors: Worth: Paperback published 2022

Pendyffryn: The Inheritors: Redemption
Jehan-Emíl’s children have all grown into men and women in their new home, conquered by their stepmother’s country. Guidry Emyr, his youngest son, is the most resistant and has grown to manhood as an outcast from his family. Catrin Orig is content he will marry her sister – she has only ever wanted a nun’s life. This is the final chapter in The Inheritors series.

The Tywi: Traitor’s Daughter
Bestseller Book Award, All Romance eBooks
Garmon Dolwyddlan is all Heledd most fears: a warrior; a scholar; her uncle’s hired man.
Falling in love with him is far from her mind when she asks him his name. Heledd Bannawg is all Garmon despises: arrogant; selfish; ignorant and yet he is prepared to sell himself into bondage to help her. Available as an ebook at major online book retailers: Smashwords, on the iBookstore, KOBO and other major online booksellers.

As a paperback, Traitor’s Daughter will soon be available on Barnes&Noble also as well as other online retailers.

Published: May 2011

The Tywi: Vengeance’s Son
Over the decades I have lived in Wales, I have found inspiration in so many ways, that writing has become a way of showing my ultimate respect and admiration for this Celtic country. As little known as it is outside a close-knit seiat of scholars and friends, this country has fueled many of the most important social, industrial and cultural changes the world has ever known.